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Technology Health Check | IT Audit.

Optimise your technology environment and digitally transform your business.

Our business technology review service is designed to proactively assess the performance of your IT systems to ensure that your business processes are adequately supported and that any weakness, threat or issue doesn’t undermine your business success.

We begin with a free initial consultation with the Chief Executive / Business Owner to discuss the business context and purpose for the review. This is followed by one-on-one interviews with members of the Executive Leadership Team to understand their business requirements and the ability of current IT solutions to meet those requirements.

We will review the business and IT strategy and any plans for digital transformation. The aim is to assess whether there is a shared understanding of WHY the business does what it does. Are business goals & objectives aligned with IT capability?

A cornerstone of the pragmatiX approach is the creation of a Business Capability Model (BCM) - a blueprint of WHAT the business does (i.e. people, process & systems). We will then perform a high-level review of business processes and IT systems and heatmap the BCM. This approach allows us to diagnose the “hotspots” (health issues) for your people, processes and systems that need treatment.

We will deliver an actionable roadmap to leverage technology to your competitive advantage. Our documented technology plan identifies improvement opportunities and provides recommendations to help you achieve your business goals.