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WHO we are.

using technology to solve business problems and create new opportunities sensibly and realistically in a way that is based on practical considerations and extensive experience.

We are business technology specialists with a passion to co-design and deliver pragmatic solutions (people, process and technology) that solve business problems. We have a down-to-earth, no-nonsense approach to information technology (IT) consulting and solution delivery that you will find refreshing.

We like to keep it simple and live by 3 rules of client engagement:

Our client's business is our business

Real value can only be delivered by having a good understanding of our client's strategic goals and objectives, their business capabilities and the competitive environment in which they operate.

Be professional. And always tell the truth

Professionalism is exhibited in a person who knows when to speak and when to listen, when to challenge and when to submit, and when to lead and when to be a team player. And yes, believe it or not, honesty is an attribute of professionalism.

Create long-lasting relationships

Life is about relationships. Business is a part of life. We strive to build successful business relationships with our clients and vendors by being professional and respectful at all times. And by DOING what we said we would do.

WHAT we do.

We partner with our clients and create value through the services we deliver using our unique approach to problem solving and innovation.

Technology Health Check

A business technology review service designed to proactively assess the performance of your IT systems to ensure that your business processes are adequately supported and that any weakness, threat or issue doesn’t undermine your business success. Learn more


A strategic advisory and planning service designed to ensure alignment between your business goals and the use of technology to achieve those goals effectively and efficiently.
Get access to a chief technology officer on-demand.

Business Design

Our business design service will model your: business model canvas; value stream/chain & customer journeys; business capabilities; and business processes. By overlaying a heatmap on these business models we help prioritise a forward work plan for digital transformation projects.

Technolgy Design

Our technology design service will propose a fit-for-purpose, fully-integrated technology solution aligned to your specific business requirements, leveraging the models produced during business design.

Technology Procurement

We help you make informed decisions to choose the right hardware, software and IT services for your business. Having experienced failed technology procurement programs in large private and government organisations we know what works and what doesn’t.

Integration & Custom Development

While we adopt a "re-use before you buy, and buy before you build" approach to the use of technology assets, we also help fill any gaps via application integration and custom software development to enable your business to maintain a competitive edge.

We recognise that Rome was not built in a day and adopt a "Game of Inches" approach to realising a target-state technology design for your business.

HOW we do it.

Our method is simple, our experience is what sets us apart.


Our Technology Health Check and CIOaaS aim to baseline your current state, identify any risks and issues, and create a technology strategy that is tailor-made for your business.


Our Business and Technology Design Services aim to solve a business problem (or identify a new opportunity) through the creation of a business-technology blueprint that is 100% aligned to your business model and workflow.


Our Technology Procurement Service aims to keep vendors honest and ensure that any hardware or software assets that you invest in are 100% aligned to the business-technology blueprint created during the Design Phase.


Our project management capability will ensure that commercial-of-the-shelf (COTS) solutions are implemented on time and within budget. Our Integration and Custom Development services will get your software talking to each other and plug any funtionality gaps.


A post-implementation review will determine what worked well and where improvements can be made for delivery of the next inch/iteration. Expected benefits are measured as part of a formal benefits realisation process.


We do it again. And again. Inch by inch, iteration by iteration in alignment with your evolving technology strategy. This is how you keep ahead of your competition.

WHY choose us?

We love what we do and we are good at it. We have the knowledge and experience to get the job done and get it done RIGHT.


Our principal consultants have more than sixty (60) years combined experience in the delivery of business technology solutions. This experience has been gained in the trenches of large complex IT programs in Australia and overseas.


Too many IT projects fail. Money is wasted. Promises are broken. It does not need to be this way. Our passion is the delivery of IT solutions that deliver results for our customers and their clients.


Our focus is the implementation of solutions that deliver benefits for your business and clients. We do not get distracted by corporate politics and empire building.

Our Team

Meet our principal consultants. Shaun, Clare, Jacob and Monica leverage their extensive experience and trusted professional network to deliver integrated solutions for your business.

Shaun Crouch

Founder and Principal Consultant

Clare Crouch

Principal Consultant - Business Design

Jacob Lovell

Principal Consultant - Integration & Custom Development

Monica Strong

Principal Consultant - Program and Project Management

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We are not constrained by geographic location. With a physical presence in Brisbane, we use technology to deliver services to our clients Australia-wide.

Brisbane, QLD 4069

+61 422 481 525

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